Welcome to ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies

ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies  is a non-profit nationwide employers’ association that aims to:

  • Defend the legitimate rights and interests of their member companies, which are part of the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, and ensure their representation in any public or private entities.
  • Provide assistance and support to their member companies, through technical services, with a view to encourage and enhance the development and progress of activities in the companies.
  • Promote and encourage vocational training and development of human resources in the metallurgical and electromechanical sector.

ANEME has its headquarters in Lisbon’s Technological Hub and a delegation in Torres Vedras (Caero Building).

ANEME was established as an Employers’ Association in 1975, arising from the transformation of the former South Metallurgical and Me-talworking Industrial Guild, founded on November 12, 1960.

ANEME thus celebrated its 50-year anniversary in November 2010 with a gala dinner that commemorated its trajectory in the world of associations and paid tribute to members who have accompanied it from the onset of its activities.

About Us

ANEME, as a representative entity of the sector, supports member companies in the following areas:


  • Labour law
  • Collective bargaining
  • Economics
  • Taxes
  • Systems to support and foment Investment and Internationalisation
  • Technical and technological – licensing, permits, occupational hygiene and safety, environmental, quality and energy
  • Vocational training
  • Commercial & subcontracting
  • Internationalisation: missions, international trade fairs and market approach support


ANEME has an informational system for members via a mailing containing selected information, information by telephone and personal service in all the areas mentioned above.

It organises awareness sessions and workshops for the purpose of information to members on legislative updates and dissemination of materials particularly relevant to the sector, in the Economic, Fiscal, Legal and Technical domains. It has a monthly newsletter sent out to members.

It publishes the Directory of the Metallurgical and Electromechanical Sector.

ANEME focuses its activities on the promotion and representation of the industrial tiers of the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, included within the following major activities:

  • Manufacture of Basic Metals
  • Manufacture of Metal Products
  • Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment
  • Manufacture of Transport Equipment

For this purpose, it has established agreements and joined up with other entities that bear weight in terms of defending and supporting the sector.

On the technical and technological front, ANEME is a cor­responding member of the IPQ – Portuguese Quality Insti­tute, and is also a member of APCER, CERTIF and ANREEE. It is likewise a member of CATIM -Technological Support Centre for the Metalworking Industry and CBE – Biomass and Energy Centre.

In the realm of promoting trade and the internationalisa­tion of their member companies, ANEME has a special relationship with AICEP and also has agreements for parti-cipating in trade fairs with AIPortuguesa and AEP – Corporate Association of Portugal.

It is a member of the CIP -Business Confederation of Por­tugal and FENAME – National Metal Federation, an employ­ers federation, which approves Collective Agreements in the sector.

At the international level it has cooperation protocols with several Associations and Confederations linked to the sec­tor in Europe, Africa and South America.


ANEME is also the representative of Portuguese compa­nies in the metallurgical and electromechanical sector in the following international organisations:

ORGALIME – Liaison Group of the European Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Metalworking Industrie

CEEMET – Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-Based Industrie

FEM – Federation Europeenne de la Manutention

CEMA – Comité Européen de Machinismes Agricoles

To foster the relocation of production and the internationalization of their member companies, ANEME has promoted business missions and participating in trade fairs, whether in Europe, the Maghreb markets, Southern Africa or South America.


These actions have been incorporated in joint internationalization projects and the participating companies have benefited from incentives approved within the sphere of the NSRF -The National Strategic Reference Framework.

Together with conducting different business missions, business opportunity studies were developed for companies from the sector in strategic markets.

Also supporting a sustained approach for the foreign markets, ANEME has developed in partnership with AIDA (Industraial Association of Aveiro) several structuring projects for the sector that allowed to:

– Develop the commercial, industrial and associative relations between the countries that compose the CPLP, through the creation of “www.sigame-cplp.com” platform.

– Promote the companies access to the international markets through public contests, which has been a new support service to the associated companies (PROFIT – prospecting for Business Opportunities with international multilateral funding).

The “professional training and development of human resources” area, being one of the statuary goals of ANEME, has been one of the most important strategic strands of our activity.

The ANEME promotes and conducts training sessions for managers, technicians and employees of member companies in various areas of interest to the sector.

In order to achieve these objectives, ANEME participates in the governing bodies of CENFIM (Vocational Training Centre for the Metallurgical & Metalworking Industry) and is also a founding member of AFTEM – Association for Technological Training, Mechanical Engineering and Materials.

Has developed projects of Training-Action, for entrepreneurs and their management teams, in order to improve the management, strategic internationalization and the strengthening of the competitiveness of associated companies.

ANEME integrates the training project of the Center of Professional Formation in Metal Constructions of Maputo together with the General Union of Workers (UGT), Institute of Employment and Training (IEFP), on the portuguese side, and with the  Mozambique Workers’ Organization  (OTM), Industrial Association of Mozambique (AIMO), the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training (INEFP), on the mozambican side.

This is an important project for cooperation in the training area that responds to the specialized labor for the metallurgical and electromechanical sector in Mozambique.