Projecto N.º: 118

Notice: 01/SI/2014

Operational Program: POCI – Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program

Designation: Joint Projects – Internationalization – Joint Design of Internationalization of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies – 2015/2016

Goal:  The joint project of internationalization of metallurgical metallurgical companies in the area of ​​internationalization of the sector, aims to contribute fundamentally to the increase of the competitiveness of companies in the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, particularly in the area of ​​its international promotion, through the prospection and presence in international markets of relevance for Portuguese companies (Africa, Europe and South America).

The strategic objective is to develop a structured program of intervention at the sectoral level, including complementary rows in the sector, in terms and value chain (such as IT, process and production technologies and commercial activities) that, from a enhance and expand export capacity and promote the international image of SMEs as a strategic sector of the national economy with clear potential in international competition.

The project is developed in two strategic strands: undertaking business missions with regard to external promotion and orientation for African and South American markets and participation in fairs, in relation to the European markets and Morocco, from a subcontracting point of view.

In addition to the consolidation in markets where there is already penetration of the sector (Mozambique, Cape Verde, Chile, Peru, Morocco and Western Europe), the project aims at new markets with recognized potential as destinations for Portuguese exports of industrial products, with particular emphasis on metallurgical and electromechanical, or with advantages in relation to possible partnerships with local companies, with a view to the final production in the market or relocation of the company (Equatorial Guinea, Cuba and Central Eastern Europe).

Financing: Supported by POCI – Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program and with the thematic objective “Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises”, it has an approved eligible investment of € 594,658.82.



In 2015

  • Cuba – Seminar on the presentation of the market and its opportunities – May

  • Preparatory Mission – July

  • Business Mission – October 26 to November 2

  • Cape Verde – 21 to 26 November

In 2016

  • Equatorial Guinea – February

  • Peru – April

  • Mozambique – June

  • Chile – October

  • Cuba – November


In 2015

  • MSV (Industry and Engineering Fair) – Brno, Czech Republic – 14 to 18 September

  • MIDEST- Paris / France – 17th to 20th of November

  • MIDEST – MAROC – December 9th to 12th

In 2016

  • HANNOVER – Germany – April

  • SUBCON – England / Birmingham – June

  • MSV – Brno, Czech Republic – September

  • MIDEST- Paris / France – November

  • MIDEST –MAROC – December