Project N.º: 26617

Notification: 21/SI/2016

Operational Program: POCI – Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization

Designation: Joint Projects – Internationalization

Goal: The Joint Project for Internationalization of metallurgical and electromechanical enterprises 2017/2018, aims to strengthen the capacity of metallurgical and electromechanical companies for internationalization, through the exploration of new emerging markets, alternative and appealing to companies of the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, thus allowing the expansion of its base and export capacity and participation in fairs and strategic for the sector, namely in terms of industrial subcontracting, promoting a national supply and increasing an export offer of the sector in the European space.

Hereupon, the project has two strategic strands.

  1. Prospecting new alternative markets with opportunities for the sector, expanding its base and export capacity: Algeria, Ghana and Ecuador.
  2. Participation in trade fairs and strategic competitions for the sector, namely in terms of industrial subcontracting, promoting the national supply and increasing the export capacity of the sector in the European space: Midest – France, Hannover Messe – Germany, Subcontratacion – Bilbao, Subcon – Industrie Lyon – France, Swisstech – Switzerland and MetalMadrid – Spain.

The goal is to develop a structured program of intervention at the sectoral level, including complementary rows in the sector, in terms and value chain (such as IT, process and production technologies and commercial activities) that, from a enhance and expand export capacity and promote the international image of SMEs of a strategic sector of the national economy with clear potential in terms of international competition.

There will also be a Benchmarking seminar for the sector and complementary ranks, aimed at publicizing the new markets addressed: Algeria, Ghana and Ecuador and disseminating their business opportunities, as a way to broaden the export base for them.

Funding: Supported by POCI – Operational Program Competitiveness and with the thematic goal “Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises”, it has an approved eligible investment of 357,456.47€.



In 2017

  • Ecuador: Preparatory Mission – April

  • Ecuador: Business Mission – June

In 2018

  • Ghana – March

  • Argelia – November


In 2017

  • INDUSTRIE LYON – France – April

  • HANNOVER – Germany – April

  • SUBCON – United Kingdom – June

  • SUBCONTRATATION – Spain – June

  • METALMADRID – Spain – November

In 2018

  • MIDEST- France – March

  • HANNOVER – Germany – April

  • SWISSTECH – Swiss – November

  • METALMADRID – Spain – November