Projet Nº: 24 909                     

Eligible Investment Approved351 224,26 €



Designation:  EXPOR AFRICA




The EXPORT AFRICA project – Exploring New African Markets, which began in 2017 and will be completed at the end of 2018, is part of the internationalization strategy defined by ANEME for companies in the metallurgical and electromechanical sector, based on the diversification of export markets, betting on new geographies with potential for economic growth and social and political stability.

Em termos gerais o projeto pretende reforçar a capacitação empresarial para a internacionalização, com vista a promover o aumento das exportações e a visibilidade internacional dos produtos metalúrgicos e eletromecânicos portugueses na Argélia e Gana, sendo os seus objetivos estratégicos os seguintes:

1) To increase the knowledge of SMEs in the metallurgical and electromechanical sectors, on the markets of Algeria and Ghana – ways of functioning, business culture, opportunities and needs of these markets;

2) To promote the training of a significant number of companies to facilitate effective, sustained and informed approaches to the distribution channels of these countries;

3) Prospecting and engagement for this sector and strengthening institutional relations among countries, as a way to shorten the path of commercial activity of Portuguese companies.


Throughout the project, the following activities will be implemented in the Algeria and Ghana markets:


  • Editing studies and market data sheets, prepared during the previous year;
  • Editing of internationalization tools – export guides and intelligence sheets, prepared during 2017;
  • Holding of market presentation workshops in April;
  • Production of a promotional video of the sector in the markets;
  • Visit / institutional mission to the two markets, during which conferences will be held on “The Portuguese Supply of Metallurgy and Electromechanics”;


The visit to Ghana will take place in the first semester (May) and the visit to Algeria in the second (October);


  • Reverse missions in Portugal with institutional representatives and opinion makers from both markets. The mission of Ghana will be in the first half (June) and the mission of Algeria in the second half.