AAC/Invitation: 02/SIAC/2012 Project Nº 32933

Start Date: 01/02/2013 End: 30/06/2015

The project IREAM III – INFORMATION AND REPRESENTATION OF COMPANIES OF METALOMECÂNICA, is a private project promoted by ANEME, a private non-profit association, which is located and develops its activity in the convergence regions of SIAC and has its own competencies in the field of intervention .

IREAM III, in a line of evolutionary continuity, consolidates and reinforces the actions developed in previous projects, namely in IREAM II and IREAM (developed in co-promotion with AIDA).

The present project, which is part of the Notice for the Presentation of Applications No. 02 / SIAC / 2012, concerns the Regulation of the System for Supporting Collective Actions (SIAC) and integrates a set of activities, which are thus responding to the policy area Information oriented to SMEs and representation of business interests in international organizations, namely:

(a) SME-driven management information: production of information media; acquisition of information and information and awareness activities

  1. b) Representation in Community and International Organizations: participation in the activities of organizations, international, promotion of initiatives of international organizations in the country and production of materials of diffusion of the sector and the companies with those organizations.

In general terms, IREAM III has the following objectives:

1) To create, develop and improve a set of common instruments (adjusted to the real needs of SMEs, s) to support the international economic activities of the business area of ​​the area of ​​the association

2) To increase the skills and the entrepreneurial capacity, providing a whole set of informative tools that allow to the companies, in a systematized organized and structured way, to better approach the market both internally and internationally;

3) Ensure access to information and representation of SMEs with a view to improving business competitiveness;

4) To invest in information and representation of SMEs through participation in relevant international organizations from a sectoral and market point of view, developing awareness-raising, promotion and dissemination of the sector, encouraging information and promotion in foreign markets, innovation, cooperation, technological development and the qualification of human resources strategies, among others, that contribute to increase the competitiveness of the companies targeted by the project.

Thus, in view of the objectives defined for this project, it is important to highlight that its implementation is articulated with the objectives and priorities of the SIAC, as the information and representation activities to be developed by the two associations are aligned with the areas of proposed by this incentive system.


The project will be developed in the Convergence Regions, namely NUTS II of the North and Center and Alentejo.

It is our objective to provide companies, on the one hand, with a set of information that, in an articulated and concerted manner in a common plan of action, promote their products and technologies in the international market through the adoption of new practices and knowledge-based strategies, knowledge generated by the transmission, acquisition and treatment of information, and on the other hand to provide the association, as entity responsible for transmitting this information, with information tools that allow the knowledge acquired to pass through to companies.



The relationship between the media and SME-oriented information poses a challenge through the use of alternative means of dissemination which, under this project, include:

a) Production of Information Media

In this area the activities to be developed by ANEME are the following:

  • Monthly publication of the ANEME Newsletter
  • Weekly publication (paper and email information) of legal, economic, fiscal, technical and commercial information of interest to the sector
  • Monthly publication of the Sector Barometer
  • Elaboration and publication of a monograph on the Peruvian market
  • Elaboration and publication of an opportunity study for the sector in the Chilean market
  • Collection of Labor Legislation

b) Acquisition of Information

In order to respond to the many information needs in a wide range of areas, it is essential to constantly update the various support instruments through, inter alia, the acquisition of documentation to support economic activities, databases or other tools considered competitiveness through information.

c) Information and awareness activities

In view of the entrepreneurial activity and the difficulties presented by the entrepreneurs in the information field, it becomes evident the need to provide more intervention, support to the business community, with a view to the development of new competencies that enhance the strategic decision-making fundamental to the greater competitiveness of the companies targeted by this project. In this sense, ANEME, with a view to supporting the business fabric in order to increase the material and immaterial factors of competitiveness, will organize the seminars in the following areas: legal / labor; economic and fiscal information; technology and markets.

With the objective of developing and reinforcing the strategic factors of competitiveness and lobbying at the international level, namely through participation in community and international organizations, and the development and maintenance of institutional relations with strategic countries in terms of internationalization, present project, the following actions:

  • Participation in the 8th Business Meeting in Portuguese Language, to be held in Brazil, Salvador da Bahia, in the first half of 2014.
  • Participation and representation in International organizations: ORGALIME, CEEMET, CEMA, FEM and CE -PLP.
  • Edition of the Yearbook of Metallurgy and Electromechanics 2014 in order to present and disseminate the sector and its companies on a regular basis, with a view to better integration of companies at a global level and fostering cooperation in its various aspects and inter-business -entrepreneurs in the international arena.
  • Participation / Visits to International Fairs (FACIM Fair in Mozambique and FIC Fair in Cape Verde).


       AAC/Invitation: 02/SIAC/2012 Project Nº 39029

Start Date: 01/01/2014 End: 30/06/2015


The project SIGAME – Cooperate and internationalize in the CPLP, intends to continue the previous projects, SIGAME – Aveiro and SIGAME 2 – Internationalize +, whose objective was to create inter-institutional and intersectoral support networks to foster trade relations between Portuguese SMEs sectors of the Metallurgical and Electromechanical and Ceramics Industry of the regions of Baixo Vouga and between the Douro and Vouga and the West region and the markets of the Countries of Portuguese official language, specifically: Angola, Brazil – Ceará, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Prince.

This project aims to achieve a broader coverage, both in the sectoral and geographical sectors of the target markets, through activities and actions that aim to increase an innovative strategy of inter-company and intersectoral cooperation, through the creation of support networks in all 8 member countries of the CPLP.

Strategic Goals:

  • The operation of Inter-institutional Support Networks and the support platform, aiming at facilitating the establishment of commercial partnerships with the Target Countries;
  • The enlargement of the project to all the 8 Member States of the CPLP through the inclusion of two new Countries: Guinea-Bissau and Timor-Leste;
  • The increase in the sectorial scope of the SIGAME Project, thus allowing greater visibility of the economic activities of the Portuguese target regions – Baixo Vouga and Entre o Douro and Vouga and Oeste;
  • The downstream operation of the partnerships through the provision of logistical and legal information – legal access conditions and economic information – for each of the target markets;
  • Improvement of the technological platform available, through the upgrade of existing functionalities and creation of new tools;
  • The demonstration and dissemination of the project, its added value, objectives, results and activities, through personalized campaigns, according to the intended target, are national or international.

In order to achieve the objectives set out above, six major groups of activities will be developed:


Activity 1 – Integration of two new target markets: Guinea Bissau and East Timor




1.1 Creation of RSCE – Support Networks for Business Cooperation – in Guinea Bissau and East Timor


1.2 Collection and systematization of information on technical, legal, institutional and business contents of Guinea Bissau and East Timor


Activity 2 – Extension of cooperation activities to other sectors of activity.




2.1. Providing information on indicators of the most representative sectors in each of the 8 countries


2.2. Identification of companies in the target markets of new sectors to be addressed


Activity 3 – Availability of logistical information on each of the target export markets




3.1. Preparation of an orientation guide


3.2. Characterization of the main industrial parks


Activity 4 – Upgrade and maintenance of the SIGAME system




4.1 Upgrade, new features and maintenance of the existing platform


4.2. Helpdesk system


4.3. Development of the mobile version of SIGAME


Activity 5 – Dissemination and dissemination of SIGAME – cooperate and internationalize in the CPLP




5.1. Elaboration of a dissemination plan and objectives of the same


5.2. Preparation and realization of events in the countries to which Portuguese exports are addressed


5.3. Development of promotional material


5.4. Demonstration and dissemination in each of the regions concerned



                                         SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR COLLECTIVE ACTIONS – SIAC

Start Date: o1/05/2011 End: 30/04/2013

The SIGAME2 Project – Internationalization +. promoted in partnership between ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies and AIDA – Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro, aims to continue the project SIGAME – Aveiro – Georeferenced Information System for Support to Metallurgy and Electromechanics, already concluded.

It was approved under the Collective Actions Support System (SIAC), integrated in the Competitiveness Factors Operational Program (COMPETE), according to the Notice for the submission of applications nº 01 / SIAC / 2010

The objectives of this project include the operation of the Institutional Support Networks created in SIGAME – Aveiro (Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and S. Tomé and Príncipe) and its dissemination to the state of Ceará – Brazil, where another Support Network will be created (RSCE), as well as the creation of inter-enterprise cooperation networks, which will allow more efficient and effective access to the identified markets. It is also intended to strengthen the promotion and dissemination of the regions of Baixo Vouga and Entre Douro and Vouga and of the sector of Metallurgy and Electromechanics. To this end, innovative technological solutions will be developed to allow the dissemination of these regions and sectors of activity, not only to the African countries identified and the state of Ceará – Brazil, but also worldwide.

This project is part of the EEC, in line with the objectives of the EMPRESECH – Association for Sustainable Production Technologies, which, like SIGAME 2 – Internationalize +, aims to promote image and value of companies, cooperation between companies and other relevant entities , at national or international level, as well as research and the exchange of ideas and information activities, dissemination and debate.

The project SIGAME 2 – INTERNACIONALIZAR + presents four major strategic objectives:

  • The Operationalization of Inter-institutional Support Networks and their support platform, aiming at facilitating the establishment of commercial partnerships with the target countries;
  • Creation of enduring Business Cooperation Networks that produce solutions with a degree of innovation and quality, providing companies that, together, increase their capacity for internationalization and / or economic growth;
  • Provide international projection to regions, target sectors and companies through new generation solutions combined with traditional practices;

In order to achieve the objectives mentioned above, four major groups of activities will be developed:

  • Operationalisation of Support Networks for Business Cooperation (RSCE) and Support Platform;
  • Creation of inter-business cooperation networks;
  • Promotion of Regions and Sectors;
  • Disclosure of SIGAME 2 – INTERNACIONALIZAR +.

These activities will be supported by the SIGAME platform, which will be the preferred form of communication with companies, between national and international partners, means of providing information and services to support internationalization, and will allow the management, updating and validation of the information gathered by the various entities or introduced directly by companies.





Global SME is a private project promoted in partnership between ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies and AIDA – Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro, which aims to support the process of integration of Portuguese companies in the international public tendering supply of goods and services, integrated into the projects of the governments of developing countries, financed by the International Financial Institutions (IFIs), which support economic development in these countries.


The entities that constitute the partnership are located in the Convergence Regions, namely in the NUTS II of the North and Center, regions of project implementation. ANEME, being a national association, has a delegation in Torres Vedras, which is part of the NUTS III Oeste (NUTS II of the Center), will lead the project, with the participation of AIDA, whose intervention area the District of Aveiro, covering the two NUTS III Between Douro and Vouga (North region) and the Lower Vouga (Center region).


The project aims to be a response to a chronic problem in the area of ​​Globalization existing with SMEs in Portugal, framed in its increasing need to launch in the global market, widening horizons, partnerships and cooperation for markets other than the language markets a Portuguese official, leading companies to cooperate with their international counterparts in submitting proposals in international public tenders.


Therefore, the project to be promoted by ANEME-AIDA intends to respond to the common problems of Portuguese SMEs not to show practices of venturing into international markets and, in the same way, do not show very strong cooperation practices between them or between them. international partners, aiming at developing a process that will stimulate the strengthening of a strategy of collective efficiency, creating a competitiveness pole of Portuguese SMEs in the process of integration in the market of projects of international financial institutions and interaction with other international companies, participating in consortiums and increasing the valences and capabilities of participation in projects that alone would not have possibilities.


This private project promoted, in partnership between AIDA – Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro and ANEMM – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies, aims to create a set of actions and dynamics, which by their nature allow:

  • To stimulate an entrepreneurial attitude among current and future entrepreneurs and make them sensitive to the need for risk acceptance as intrinsic to the current dynamics of the global economy;
  • Raise the awareness of entrepreneurs to management practices oriented towards creating value and differentiation, through systematic innovation in marketing, organization, processes, products and services, as determinant factors in maintaining and strengthening their international competitiveness;
  • Unleash the adoption of research and development practices, enhancement of its performance and cooperation in network and with entities of the SCT, and protection through patents and other means, industrial property.

Cumulatively, these actions will also aim to contribute to the dissemination of good management practices among operators in these sectors, strengthening their competitive capacity to meet the demands of the consumer markets.

In view of the above, EMPREENDER + has the following operational objectives:

  • Sensitize entrepreneurs to the importance of an entrepreneurial attitude and systematic innovation in companies;
  • Contribute to the beginning of internationalization processes of new companies;
  • Contribute to the creation of new companies and spin-off of existing companies;
  • Disseminate good management practices in the entrepreneurial fabric on entrepreneurship, internationalization and R & D management;
  • Create networks for sharing knowledge, experiences and cooperation between companies;
  • Support SMEs in the transition process to adopt new management practices in line with the project objectives;
  • Encourage the sharing of ongoing information and learning as an intrinsic attitude and need for business sustainability.

The actions to be carried out within this project will have a greater impact on the manufacturing sector and in particular on the metallurgical and metal-mechanic sector, which includes most of the members of AIDA and ANEMM.


The project “+ Sustainability + Competitiveness” is a private project presented in partnership by AIDA and ANEMM. It is a project that seeks to act as a collective response to common problems of the business fabric of the regions and sectors it covers, so that its results will act as precursors of competitiveness, contributing directly to innovation (technological and non-technological), to business cooperation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, while facilitating, at the same time, a greater and better presence of companies in foreign markets. As a result of this project, the business community will be in possession of knowledge about the challenges it will have to face (in the short and medium term) regarding energy efficiency and diversification issues and environmental sustainability, about their importance for their competitiveness , in the certainty that, in anticipation of and knowledge of the changes registered in this field, it is possible to frame dynamics of generation of opportunities and future activities. In this project, the following actions are contemplated:

  • Design of a survey to be distributed by companies in the sectors and territories where ANEMM and AIDA work, with a subsequent treatment and systematization of the information collected;
  • Definição de uma metodologia passo a passo, para a Eficiência Energética e para a sustentabilidade Ambiental;
  • Development of a report / study on the competitive advantages resulting from the incorporation of Green Production principles. It will also synthesize public policies and policy documents that are already moving in this direction and which will impact, constrain and require adaptation, which SMEs will need to take into account as a guarantee of their survival in the global market;
  • Awareness-raising seminars and workshops, as well as the platform to be created, to disseminate energy and environmental results;
  • Creation of a network of individuals related to entrepreneurial activity and / or teaching and research, with relevant activity in terms of incorporating the principles of sustainability in industry;
  • Creation of a showcase of the best technological solutions available in the market and in the Scientific and Technological System, with evidence given both in the growing contribution to energy efficiency in industrial production, and in the growing contribution to environmental sustainability and in reducing the impact of industrial activity in the environment.




AAC/Invitation: 01/SIAC/2008

Start Date: 01/0/2009 End: 31/03/2011

AIDA – Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro and ANEMM – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies presented, in partnership, a project approved by COMPET – Operational Competitiveness Factors Program, under the SIAC – Incentive System for Collective Actions and has as its main objective the association of associative energies in order to give continuity to a decentralized information strategy and in accordance with the interests and needs of the national companies.


• Ensure access to information and representation of SMEs with a view to improving business competitiveness;

• Provding information and representation to SMEs through activities to promote and disseminate sectors of relevance to the national economy, including tools for the diagnosis and evaluation of companies, as well as studies of new markets, technologies and innovation opportunities by fostering information and of trade promotion in foreign markets, through the dynamization of exports, based on strategies aimed at increasing the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs in international markets.

INCENTIVE SYSTEMS AND INVESTMENT AMOUNTS This project was presented by the ANEMM and AIDA partners within the scope of the Collective Actions Support System (SIAC), integrated in the Operational Competitiveness Factors Program (COMPETE), in accordance with the Notice for the submission of candidatures nº 1 / SIAC / 2008.

The total investment amount is € 720,007.05, of which the grant is attributed on the non-refundable financing method at the average rate of 70%, or 466,655.00€.


Production of information media, information acquisition and promotion of information activities, with a view to making available to companies a set of technical, economic, legal, labor, commercial, fiscal and informational information that will enable them to monitor not only all legislative developments at national and Community level, but also its better position related to external markets (commercial information).

  1. 1 – Characterization Study of the Industrial Companies of S. Tomé


Objectives: To carry out a study of the characteristics of the industrial companies and of S. Tomé and Príncipe (characterization of the financial, commercial, human resources, facilities characterization of the productive sector and cooperation).


  1. 2 – Diagnostic study on business opportunities in Portuguese-speaking countries


Objectives: To carry out a study aimed at identifying the main business opportunities in Portuguese-speaking countries present (identification of the industrial sectors of Aveiro and evaluation of their potential for internationalization, identification of opportunities in the Portuguese Official Language markets, definition of strategies of internationalization)



Develop strategic competitiveness and lobbying at community level through participation in community and international organizations.

  • Weekly publication of Legal, Economic, Technical, Commercial, etc.


  • Monthly publication of a newsletter


  • Publication of information on the markets of Equatorial Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire


  • Acquisition of technical documentation


  • Maintenance of the Quality of Correspondent of IPQ – Portuguese Quality Institute


  • Maintenance of the quality of representative of the EMF in Portugal, regarding Technical Standards


  • Maintenance of the corresponding quality of the IPQ – Portuguese Quality Institute


  • Seminars on Côte d’Ivoire and Equatorial Guinea


  • Presentation of the Study of the Survey and Characterization of the Angolan Companies of the Metallurgical and Electromechanical Sector


  • Presentation of the Characterization Study of the Industrial Companies of S. Tomé and Príncipe


  • Quarterly publication of Informativa InfoAIDA magazine;


  • Acquisition of technical documentation;


  • Publication of information on the markets of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and S. Tomé and Príncipe;


  • Seminars on the markets of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and S. Tomé and Príncipe;


  • Holding of 2 seminars on technological innovation and its importance in terms of business competitiveness;


  • 2 Seminars on sources / forms of financing for business


  • Acquisition of a database of the Aveiro District of export and import companies;


  • Maintenance of the corresponding quality of the IPQ – Portuguese Quality Institute


  • Conducted two international seminars in conjunction with CEEMET (Seminar on Flexibilization and Labor Market) and with ORGALIME (Competitiveness of Companies in the European Union) and the holding of the ORGALIME Congress in 2010.


  • Participation in the Fifth Business Meeting in Portuguese Language


It is intended that at the end of the project companies use and adopt the information mechanisms available, using them as tools to support strategic decision making that translate into higher levels of productivity and competitiveness, ensuring equitable access to information and the representation of SMEs with a view to improving their competitiveness.