PROJECT Nº.: 060263/2011/31
PROJECT Nº.: 093468/2013/31

From 2012 to 2014.

ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies, in collaboration with MUNDISERVIÇOS, is developing the MOVE SME Training-Action Program.


The MOVE SME Program; is a Training-Action project, promoted by the AIP-CE in the capacity of Intermediate Body that is inserted in measure 3.1.1 of the POPH-NSRF Program.

It is a project that aims to contribute to the strategic and organizational development of companies, giving them greater sustainability and competitiveness. They are developed in the area of ​​management and combine the training and consulting strands.


The Project no. 060263/2011/31, has the purpose of benefiting 13 SMEs (10 to 100 employees), preferably in the metalworking sector, which are located in the NUT II region, Alentejo.

The Project no. 093468/2013/31, aims to benefit 26 SMEs, located in the NUT II region; Center.

Each SME involved benefits from a total of 132 hours of theoretical training, 115 hours of consultancy and 14 hours of Workshop