Supports the associated members in the areas of industrial regulation and national community in particular on the technical quality, standardization, certification, environment, work safety and health.

Spreads among the affiliated members specific documentation for the sector, including draft rules, standards and publications.

Participates in various Technical Sector Committees for Standardization, under the Portuguese Quality System and working groups of national organizations that integrates ANEME.

Promotes actions of innovation and Technological Development, in cooperation with the entities involved in industrial modernization.

Collaborates on various projects within the framework of national and community programs developed by ANEME.

Organizes training courses, addressed to member companies.

Collaborates with other departments in multidisciplinary activities.

Collaborates in ANEME bulletin.

Rui Santos / Luis Santos
Tel:  +351 21 711 27 40
Fax: +351 21 715 04 03